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Christ on a Cracker.

Okay, I really couldn't sleep, so I decided to do the mass index of all my stories and all the locations I know they're at. [Apparently, people like to take mine and post them elsewhere with full credit, but whatever]. So this puts it TDA, AT, RID [both AT and RID are published under two accounts, one mine and one shared with AF members], IATQO, The Pensieve, MNFF, House Rivalry, mausolea_fics, skseven, wizard_trauma, books_freckles, Accio Firebolt and some random Latvian forum site. I don't know if there are any other sites out there I should be uploading too....

Obviously under an LJ cut. If you've ever wanted to know how many stories I have written, well... take a look.

A few notes before proceeding:

1. Chaptered stories does not mean there's more than one chapter, it just means that they're written to be chaptered.

2. If it says "character with multiple" or just multiple, it means that the story either centers on that one person, but with emphasis on others, or that there's no one protaganist in the story.

3. Warfic is just stories that have a lot to do with war. Post-Hogwarts comes with the implication that Harry won, not Voldemort.

Harry Potter Fanfiction

A History Lesson [Do Not Go Gently Into the Night], Multiple, Last Battle, Historical Study, Courage

A Different Type of Dream, Genfic, HP/OC, HG/CW, Chaptered, Harry/OC-centric

A Prayer for the Dying, Post-Hogwarts Darkfic, implied H/Hr, Alcoholism, Character Death, Harry-centric

A Seed in the Ground, Genfic, Kingsley-centric with mystery Muggle child, hope

A Soldier's Daughter, Warfic, Hermione-centric

And Fate be Damned [also And Fate Be...], Genfic/Character Study, Hermione-centric

And In Your Loving Memory, Genfic, Multiple, Character Death

As Hogwarts Turns, Deliberate Badfic [Don't bother reading, it's just an example piece of bad writing]

Best Friend's Promise, Genfic, Hermione-centric, Original Character Death, Racism, Child Abuse/Violence, personal motivation

Blue-Eyed Lass, Darkish, Tom Riddle Sr/Merope, prompt from Lucia for TRs/MG romance

By The Sea, Blaise/Hermione

Canis Minor [Queen Anne's Lace], Seamus/Luna, prompt from Lycan

Chasing Dragons, Genfic/Character Study, Ginny-centric

Comedy and Tragedy, Dark-fic, multiple, psychological torture, Character Death

Crossing the Board, Triofic [platonic], Ron-centric, Chess games

Dance With Me, [also as Paper and Porcelain: Dance With Me] Theodore/Pansy, implied Hermione/Blaise, Character Death, Psychological Disorders, prompt from Lucia de'Medici

Descent, H/Hr, Dark Romance, implication of psychological disorders

Determination, Multiple [one character from each house], mentions of rape and abuse, warfic, escape

Draco, Draco, Demon Slayer, D/Hr, Character Death, murder

Dualism [also known as Corollary], Triofic [platonic], friendship,

Enough for an Angel, Gregory/Luna [platonic], learning disorders, Special Needs, Special Love Project [Latvian Translation]

Epicly Bad Tales Presents: A Day in the Life of Draco Malfoy, Metrosexual and Git Extraordinare

Epicly Bad Tales Presents: Happy Birthday, Hermione!, R/Hr, comedy, scriptfic, intentional self-insertion, fandom bashing, AF, Chaptered

Escape From Dress Robes, Comedy, Blais/Hermione, Harry/Millicent, Neville/Padma, Ron/Draco, Ginny/Dean, fandom bashing, intentional self-insertion

Fairy Tales in Reverse, Post-Hogwarts, Triofic [romantic], trauma from war, character death, other romances

Faith [In the Hands of a Child], Ginny-centric with multiple, self-inflicted injuries

Fire in her Arms, Triofic [deliberately vague], Warfic, prompt from MJ for 'sensual' writing

Geometric, Charlie/Harry/Hermione, dark romance, Warfic

Here Lies..., Darkfic, McGonagall-centric, major character death, suicide, prompt from Jess

Here, There is Only, Blaise/Hermione

Hermione's Scrapbook, Genfic, Hermione-centric with multiple, historical study

I Sant Trees, Harry/Luna, Blaise/Hermione, Fluff, prompt from Ri

I See Nothing, Genfic, Petunia-centric, child abuse

Knowledge, Genfic/Character Study, Luna-centric

Legends, George/Hermione, prompt from books_freckles alphabet challenge; challenge was Harvest

Lucky, Charlie/Hermione, war, lucky socks

Mirabile Visu, Gregory/Hermione [left vague], prompt from Cyndi

More Precious than Gold, Genfic, Hermione-centric with multiple

Mystery Lover, Snape/Potion Vial, silliness, prompt from Jess

Not Yet Discouraged, Genfic/Future fic, OMC, Hogwarts, remembering, motivation, courage, children

Nothing Left to Fear [also This World Can Turn Me Down], songfic, Hermione-centic

Nymphadora Tonks Loves Her Mother, Genfic/Character Study, Tonks-centric, RL/NT,

Ordinary Hero, letter from Harry to Arthur Weasley

Quiet Courage, Genfic/Character study, Neville-centric with multiple, mild violence, personal courage

Resurrection [Rage Against the Dying of the Light], Warfic, multiple, Last Battle, courage

Ronald Weasley is Confused, George/Hermione

Saints, Genfic, Hermione/Luna [platonic], warfic

Searching for a Sign, H/Hr, mentions of self-inflicted injury, a 'guess the narrator' fic

See, Snape/Hermione, Character Death, prompt from Lena

Sleeping Habits, Charlie/Harry/Hermione, romance,

So Does, Hermione/Luna friendship, personal faith [this is a translation into Latvian]

Someone Else's Angel, Luna and Snape interaction

Somewhere, spin-off of Slytherin Solidarity, Darkfic, Theodore Nott, prompt from Lucia de'Medici

Snapshots of an Unremembered Life, AU, Genfic, H/Hr, Multiple, chaptered

Staccato in Silver, Copper, and Gold, Triofic [platonic], Bloody Baron, music,

Super Girl, Genfic/Character Study, Hermione-centric, bitterness

Tell Me a Story, Sirius/Ginny [non-sexual], prompt from MJ

The Circle [Starlight and Skin], [also And Let The Circle...] Genfic, Harry-centric with multiple,

The Epicly Bad Tale of Ron and Hermione, R/Hr, multiple, scriptfic, comedy, deliberate self-insertion of self and others, AF, fandom bashing [part one] [part two- Fatal Engagement]

The Importance of Remaining Steadfast When The World is Falling Down, Gen/Warfic, Hermione-centric, some post-traumatic stress disorder, personal conflict and resolution

The Journey of Inanna, collaboration with Cella, Charlie/Harry/Hermione, Ron/Draco, Kingsley/Luna, Action/Adventure, Romance Noir,
Prologue: Exodus -
Chapter One: Silent Snows -

The Last of an Era, post-Hogwarts, Remus/Hermione, prompt from MJ, character death and darkness

The Little Ones, Genfic, Arthur Weasley-centric, Historical Study, personal courage

The Lost Ones, Partial-AU, futurefic where Voldemort and Harry are still fighting in 2003, Ron/OC-centric, warfic

The Love of a Brother, Susan Bones-centric with multiple, sexual abuse, resolution

The Love of a Sister, Graham Pritchard-centric with multiple, sexual abuse, resolution

The Moment of Truth, Ron/Hermione, comedy, prompt for fluff from Joy

The Promise, H/Hr, a 'guess the narrator' fic

The Simple Evolution of a Faceless Butterfly, Genfic, HG/BZ, chaptered

The Stars Above, Bellatrix/Voldemort, sexual situation w/ dubious consent, bloodplay, Stockholm Syndome-like psychological torture

The Sun, Warfic, multiple, hope, faith, strength, personal motivation

The Way of the Sword, Last Battle fic, multiple, character death

The Worthy, major character death, warfic, The Veil, multiple, resolution

The-Boy-Who-Lives [also A Single Step], genfic, Harry-centric with Hermione and Luna

Through Fields of Gold, Triofic [platonic], Post-Hogwarts, Major Character Death, resolution

Time, Luna/Harry, prompt from Splintered

To Dance Amoung the Angels, [also Dancing With the Angels] Genfic, Hermione-centric, personal fears, flying

Today, On This Most Ordinary of Days, Ron/Hermione, birthday present for Joy

Transmutation, Multiple, mild B/Hr, War, darkish, for LJ Drabble challenge on War

Unrepentant, Darkfic, Hermione/Voldemort and Ron, torture, birthday present for Sionnain

Unrequited Love, Dobby/Hagrid, sheer silliness, prompt from Lav

We Will Go Home, Charlie/Hermione, books_freckles prompt,

What's In Her Drink?, Hermione/Snape, Harry/Luna, Neville/Ginny, Ron/Bimbo, fluffy prompt from Joy, comedy

Whether We Wear Masks, Hermione, Blaise, Racism, genfic,

Wrong Turn, Genfic, Dean Thomas, Mirror of Erised,

Your Secrets I Will Keep, AU, Tom Riddle/Hermione, Darkfic, Dark Romance, prompt,

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

The Letter That Finally Came, Baudelaire Orphans, Hope, Manon

Frank Miller's Sin City Fanfiction

Just Another Night in Old Town, Dwight/Miho [deliberately vague], violence, murder, death

Just In Case, Dwight/Miho, violence, death, murder


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