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Twenty Things You Should Know about Blaise and Hermione Zabini

Mwha. My list. For quidditchkiss's 20 Things Meme- Harry Potter Style!

1. There is a very neat list posted in Hermione Zabini's bedroom that has the following terms for punishments:

a] For minor infractions, Hermione will not allow Blaise to eat dessert.

b] For the next level, she will not make Blaise's favourite coffee in the morning.

c] Hermione will withhold kisses from Blaise.

d] Major infractions are considered couch-worthy.

2. Hermione and Blaise do not eat at one end of their rectangular table, as it was used for purposes not relating to consumption the first time Blaise invited Hermione into his apartment when they were still dating.

3. Blaise spends at least one night a week on the couch, as he always tries to sit Harry and Ron at that part of the table. Which does not amuse Hermione.

4. Blaise is actually quite fond of Crookshanks and spoils him with gourmet catfood, the result being that Crookshanks is now roughly the same shape and size as the Hailey Comet.

5. Blaise keeps a gallon of mocha-chip ice cream in the corner of his and Hermione's freezer for when she has a rough day at work.

6. Hermione thinks this is endearing.

7. Blaise considers it to be a clever defense strategem.

8. Hermione wakes up many a winter night to find that, in his sleep, Blaise has slipped his hands down her pants. He argues that he shoves them down there because 'his fingers need to stay warm to keep the blood circulating in his hands.'

9. Hermione is quite sure that they find there way down there in order to keep blood circulating to other parts of his body.

10. Not that she's complaining, mind you.

11. Blaise cooks the meals in the house, as he argues that most of Hermione's meals come out to roughly the same taste and texture as Crookshanks' hairballs.

12. Blaise spent two weeks at his mother's house for that comment.

13. Blaise told Hermione that her wedding ring cost 75 galleons, when in fact it cost closer to three times that amount. He does not tell her the true cost, as he lives in mortal fear of their couch, which is Victorian, lumpy, and altogether not nearly as comfortable as Hermione's bosom, where he normally rests his head. He fears that if he told her how much her engagement ring was, he would have then inform his mother that she will not be gaining any grandchildren from Blaise, as Hermione might very well hex his bits off.

14. Hermione owns more pieces of lacey underwear than should be legal, because Blaise manages to buy her a new pair every other week.

15. Blaise has secretly hexed several men who he feels showed anything other than a friendly interest in Hermione, including Terry Boot, Anthony Goldstein, Seamus Finnegan, and Griphook the Goblin. This is only thing he can do with Hermione's best friends, as they are just as steadfast in defending Hermione's honour.

16. Despite the alarming amount of lingerie that Hermione received from her female friends during her Bachlorette party, Blaise still prefers that, if Hermione has to wear clothing, she should wear her fluffy blue pyjama pants with clouds all over it.

17. Hermione and Blaise's favourite dinner guest is Luna, who is quick to inform them of all the latest Ministry scandals.

18. Blaise fell in love with Hermione because she always knew the right amount of sugar and cream he prefers in his coffee. And to his relief, she takes hers black, because he's sure Hermione would have never had him, had he ever made her coffee with anything in it.

19. Blaise brushes Hermione's hair every night before they go to bed, and secretly enjoys the glorious ball of wire that she goes to bed with.

20. Blaise doesn't know this yet, but there's going to be a third member of the Zabini family joining them in, oh, say, six months.
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