TO RETURN WHAT WAS GIVEN. (our_innocence) wrote,

This is a general HP fandom plea.

I read fanfiction, probably more than is healthy, but I'm looking for specific types of stories tonight.

And that specific would be fanfiction about hope.

I wrote almost all genres [have still not managed to make myself write smut that doesn't sound like a] a computer instruction manual or b]a really bad victorian romance], ranging from happysquee!fuff to darkfic, and love all genres but fluff, but I find that locating stories about hope seem to be relatively hard to find.

So I'm looking for stories about the light in the darkness, the moment when you know that the battle can be won, and so on and so forth. Or even stories where characters see the light and the errors of their ways, and decide to do the right thing, finally. I'm really not one for hope stories about 'maybe this relationship isn't doomed', but I'll take what I can get. So and all recs would be appreciated, I don't care about rating or any ships involved in the storyline.

Thanks much!
Tags: hope, hp fanfiction, recs

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