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Poll #624299 Listing of LJ HP fans on one page? Yes or no?

Listing of LJ HP fans on one page? Yes or no?


I recently discussed, with some of my friends, the possibility of having one lj entry dedicated to a listing of livejournal HP fans around the world. This may or may not have been done already, but I haven't found it if it has.

While I know that I could always use the search function of LJ, it's cumbersome, and you never know who wants to be bothered or not. So the purpose of this page would be manifold. It would make it a lot easier to find people by country, region, and/or state. Those of us who are linguistically-challenged in foreign languages could get help from people who actually live there, and therefore know a bit more. And it's always a little gratifying to know you're not the only HP fan in your general area, which I know some of us feel the pangs of. There has been talk that, if this takes off, the list would be later used to help establish pages for specific shippers, betas, fans of genre, whatever, but I'm not thinking that far ahead.

So, this is how it would work: You'd fill out the following-
lj name/preferred name to be called:
Region/State, if applicable: [optional]
City: [optional]

Country: USA
Region: New England:

Once a country has more than ten people, it will be broken into regions or cities, depending on the size of the country. Places like Canada and the US, which are ZOMG huge, will automatically be broken into regions. If a region becomes large, it will be broken down into states, and then if it's still big, cities, but cities are a last resort, and I know not a lot of people are comfortable are listing them, and thus you won't be expected to give your city out. So if the US got really large:

Country: USA
Region: New England
State: Maryland

If you're interested, press yes, if not, press no. I'd love to do this, but only if it's going to benefit a lot of us later on.

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