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I get all the girls to take off their underpants

Getting a head start on the rec's thing inell is hosting this weekend, because I have... *counts* Something like nine or ten day straight, no days off work sched coming up.

Great Big Flaming Rec List, Part the First.

Author: inell
Title: By the Lake
Pairing: Hermione/Viktor
Summary: It was always quiet down by the lake during winter.
Rating: Any Age
Word Count: 2500

By The Lake

Rec?: Because it's a quiet and plausible interlude in GOF. There are so many stories where Viktor asks Hermione to tbe ball, out of the blue, and suddenly omfg, they're in love. This isn't one of them. This is Viktor and Hermione slowly starting to fall for one another and basically trying to dance around one another.

Quote: “Viktor, this is silly,” she told him matter-of-factly. “I’m not going to ask a boy to the ball so it’s pointless. I don’t even really want to go. Why dress up and go through so much trouble when I could have my library all to myself?”

Fic: Chivalry (PG, McGonagall, Viktor)
Title: Chivalry
Author: rozarka
Characters: McGonagall, Viktor
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: These characters are the property of J. K. Rowling. No copyright infringement is intended.
Word count: 1800
Summary: "I assure you," said Minerva, "that my students never consult me about such matters."


Rec?: Because a lot of V/Hr fics tend to be from Hermione's point of view, or barring that, Viktor's. Therefore, we rarely get to see the pair, both together and as individuals, from another's point of view. rozarka is able to show us both from a source who is close to one, old enough to understand what Viktor's persual could mean, but young at heart enough to still be touched and occasionally confused. In less than 2,000 words, we get to see a Viktor who is both shy and proud, humble and bold. It's Hermione from someone who doesn't know as well- yet- and is still able to see her for who she is, beyond books and cleverness. Her McGonagall is well-done; stern but still with a soft side.

Quote: "Well, she is a bit young for you, since you mention it, but a dance won't hurt her," said Minerva, frowning. "May I ask ... your opinion of Miss Granger?" she added, finding herself suddenly curious about this attraction.

The boy lit up like a Christmas tree: his high cheekbones brightening, eyes flashing with conviction. "She is ... beautiful. And ... and very smart. And serious, not like other girls -- not like any other," he added with grave emphasis.

Fire Bird: Blaze
Rating pg-13 I think all of it might be
Disclaimer: Hermione and the Magical world she inhabits belongs to JK Rowling.
Summary:Where there is smoke there is fire.
As before for Sare, and Jaded Sage apparently
Thanks for the beta Jaded!


Rec?: Saille has a way of turning words just so in a way that makes them magical in her own right. They flow easily. She brings, in Fire Bird: Blaze, part of an on-going series, loyalty, magic, love, and war. She doesn't disclude Hermione's two best friend- a problem in V/Hr fics- but rather brings them in to create a complete image of what could be. There are doubts, human doubts and frailities, but her characters are able to continue on because of the most human of emotions, friendship and love.

Quote: "I am not discussing this further. It is not as though you can take house points from me." Hermione turned on her heal and headed resolutely toward the door. She would not be pushed around by that nasty, ill mannered git. She moved to follow Harry, Viktor, and Ron from the building. Her two best friends seemed to have been rendered speechless, while Viktor seemed entirely pleased with her reaction.

Fic: Passing Notes , 1/4
Title: Passing Notes, in four parts
Author: sare_liz
Series: Firebolt Ring
Pairing: HG/VK
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Warning: Rated PG-13 for some double entendre and flutterings in the stomach. It’s strangely contiguous with both GoF book and movie (does this count for the heresy of syncretism?). And yet, this is possibly OOC for Viktor. Not that we have a heck of a lot to go on, but I’m betting there’s more than one story behind his glowering façade.

Notes: So, this is my first sojourn in this fandom. I’m so very excited. And I have no beta, yet. Perhaps this will become very clear to you as you read on. If anyone is willing to take on that heinous task, let me know.

Passing Notes

Rec?: Passing Notes is a four-prong story that I haven't gotten a chance to read completely yet. Which is unfortunate, because sare_liz has a flair for scenes that are comfortable and warm without dripping in the sweetness that turns me away from a lot of romance stories. Her dialogue is completely believable, and she brings forth a slightly more vunerable Hermione that seems completely reasonable; the girls not all bluster and strength. She plays on, at least in the beginning, a perhaps shyer Hermione, the one who might slightly despair in being noticed as a female, but is still more than strong enough to carry on with her life. And Viktor's got some funny pick-up lines.

Quote: “I do not know the correct words in English, but I vill try to explain. I look at you vhen I apply to become a champion, because of old days. In old days… in old days, a champion did not get honor for himself, or even for prince alone. There vas… another.”

As he spoke, she looked up, and her eyes had gone a bit wide.

“You understand now?”

“I think so.”

Title: Darkness in the Library (PG)
Characters: Cedric/Hermione
Word count: 6, 224 approximately
Disclaimer: None because they're useless
Notes: Library at night. Trapped. There's an evil creature there, too. I really don't know where this came from either. It hopped into my head yesterday as a slightly different story but then morphed into this one. Don't worry about telling me if you don't like it - I realise it's a bit ... different. :D Set during Goblet of Fire. Unbeta'd.

Darkness in the Library

Rec?: koalathebear is probably the biggest lj name in the cedrichermione comm, best known for her The Boy Who Died. This fic, Darkness in the Library, keeps the wonderful balance of suspense, romance, and comedy that imbues her work. She has a particular talent for taking canon Cedric, who is kind, noble, and hard-working, and spinning a full-blown personality around it; determined, strong-willed, funny and sweet. He calls Hermione Granger in the same way one might call a friend named Sarah Sar-ree; it's personal both in a casual, platonic way and in a more serious, endearing way. In this fic, an AU, something is after the Heroes, and Hermione ends up teaming up with Cedric to figure out just what the hell is going on....

"Actually ... Ginny's much better at the Bat-Bogey Hex than I am ...." Hermione confessed ruefully and Cedric laughed. "Do you think the likelihood of us being attacked again by creatures of the dark in the library are particularly high?" she asked him.


Title: Who Do You Want to Be?
Genre: Romance
Rating: G
Pairings: Draco/Luna
Warnings: None
Word Count: 715
Completed: Yes
Summary: Draco is confronted with the truth about who he is and what he truly wants.

Who Do You Want To Be?

Rec?: Let me be the first to say that I'm not a huge fan of Draco's sudden redemption. Not that I have an overwhelming desire to see Draco go down; it just doesn't strike me as being likely. Especially when Hermione's the one to do it. Slow and steady, yes, but not suddenly.

That being said, Ed's fic, Who Do You Want To Be? isn't that. It's a simple question posed by a creature of light to one who might not be sure. It's Luna who voices the question, but one gets the idea, by the nuance and action, that it's Draco really asking the question. He was just waiting for someone to verbalise it. Luna's incredibly hard to get right; the mixture of whimsy and ancient, almost crumbling wiseness is a challenge for any writer. Ed [aka Joy] is one of the few who can nail it nicely. She's a straightforward answer tied in with a slightly airy, thoughtful light. Ed's Luna is at once accesiable and on another plane. For Draco's part, he's not a gushing mushball who's father buttrapes him. He's a haughty boy with legit questions going through a tough time. [Note, this fic is Pre-HBP]. Their bickering is quite believeable. A fic for anytime you need to unwind and maybe get over a bad day.

Quote: She turned back to him and waited as if she wasn’t surprised by his reaction at all. He quickly looked around to see if any of the other students studying on the grounds had seen them, and then gestured for her to come back. She did, and this time sat down beside him, staring out at the lake. Draco waited for her to say something, and then realized that she was doing the same. He scowled. “What did you mean by that?”


Title: Darkness Falls
Genre: Angst
Rating: PG
Pairings: Blaise/Hermione
Warnings: Character Death
Word Count: 1065
Completed: Yes
Summary: She waits. He doesn't come. Darkness falls.

Darkness Falls

Rec?: A quiet story that flows from strength, hardship, the destruction of one life into the gift of another. Darkness Falls is the story of Hermione in sparse terms, from the death of her husband to the acquisition of a new friend, to a second chance to fall in love. [This is pre-HBP Blaise]. It's heart-breaking in its own way because of the lack of flowery language; it's he's coming, he's coming. Oh wait. He's not. Because of the simplicity, it's sharp and borders on heart-rending, because it's very personal. We get a window into her soul, and into the heart of the one person who feels he could have changed everything. It's about fate, in an odd way, and faith, and hope. It's cold of death and warmth of strength, all wrapped into relatively few words.

Quote: The funeral passes in a blur of words and prayers and tears.

Beloved son. Friend. Husband.

Love of her life.

He didn’t come. He’ll never come again.

Darkness falls.

Title: A Thousand Steps To Insanity [1/1]
Author: Cella
Rating: R, for insinuations, and darkness
Ship: You can see many, if you look well.
Characters: Luna, Hermione
Summary: Luna wants to see Hermione fly one day. Pretty, pretty black wings, like a fallen angel, Hermione.
Warnings: dark, insanity, mind-fuck.
A/N: Some of the scenes are slightly based on Joss Wendon's "River Tam Sessions". Very slightly. Also, Roman numbers are used, duh. So, um...if you don't know, the whole thing is in pieces. And jumbled. Enjoy!

Darkness Falls

Rec?: Well, it's Cells for starters, and Cells is an awesome writer. A Thousand Steps to Insanity has the fleeting passage of a butterfly carrying poison from visitations on poisonous flowers. Beautiful, noxious, fragile and bearer of death.

It's Hermione/Luna friendship in the darkest of terms. Like a black diamond, it shines best by moonlight, when wicked things come to play outside. Written when the girls are taken as prisoners, they learn to survive in the unholiest of ways. Soon, in their own crystalline way, the victims become the victimisers, tormenting their captors with their own insanity. There's a level of dark friendship and love that sends shivers up and down the spine.

Quote: “I…uh…” he mumbles, but under the table, he’s pressing his finger into the red button.

Two men come in, and take Luna away. She struggles in their grasp, all the way to the cell.

“You give them back to her! Let my butterflies FLY!”

Blood Magic
A Prelude to Slytherin Solidarity
Courtesy of Lucia di Medici
Summary: Nine year olds Theodore Nott and Blaise Zabini are the best of friends, practically neighbours and share a bond that no one else can imagine. The year is 1989, the summer has laid its humid blanket over the grounds of the Nott estate, and two boys are just mucking about in a manner most appropriate for their age – until they find themselves bonded in an ancient magic so powerful it holds firm even through death.
Category: Supernatural/Spiritual/Drama/Humour
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: A non-profit adoration of J.K. Rowling’s characters

Blood Magic

Rec?: Okay, anyone on my flist knows that I pour fandom love on Lucia like I pour sugar in my Irish Breakfast. The woman's a goddess, I'm telling you.

This is the prelude to Slytherin Solidarity, my favourite fanfic. It's the story of two boys- children- and a brief look at events before they took a bleeding, gaping turn for the worse. It's short, and sweet, and considering the darkness that quietly spins in Slytherin Solidarity, it's an almost innocent look at what was. However, as always, the fingers of the night draw their nails across this fic, and you get a quiet feeling for what we who have already started at thezabinilegacy have already started lurking into. It's the clean water you see before you drop into an underground pit. There's humour, of course, to off-set the darkness that you know is coming. A faint heartbeat of SS comes through in their bonding, which is perfectly and tactfully done, without badly-written, badly-researched pagan spells that often permeate bonding fics. And there's no handcuffs. There's also honest discourse on the events we know of from the past- Voldemort's defeat- without preachiness or horribly done pureblood preachiness. It's the voice of an intelligent child who says things they way they are.

The dialouge is very clean and, well, child like- the sort of talk preternaturally intelligent children use. Smart, but not that smart. Snarky, amusing, with just the faintest strains of what to come. It's great. /fangirlism

Quote: “Nott, why don’t you have a moat?”

Ted snorted, not opening his eyes, he replied, “Because father believes that keeping a colony of kelpies on our property would call for too much upkeep.”

Burn Away The Memories
Title: Burn Away The Memories
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Cho Chang
Summary: Cho weeps for her love, and burns the memories away.
A/N: This was the Secret SPEW to Jenna. Hoped you enjoyed it, my dear. :)

Burn Away The Memories

This one's short, to the point, but good on its feet.

cho Chang is a much maligned character in the fandom; the wishy, bitchy, weepy girl who almost tramples Harry's heart in OOTP. For a moment, however, Cho's just a girl who teeters on the edge of being broken, remembering the past, remembering the boy she fell in love with- Harry. Instead of Cho-who-can't-let-go-of-Cedric, there's Cho, who h onestly cared for Harry but was mixed up and scared. Which is, in the end, exactly all she was. A girl, a scared one, a confused one. Patrick gets to the core and doesn't let go. Despite the fact that Harry has hurt Cho- perhaps without realising it- she still cares for him. But even she knows she has to let go.

Quote: Red burned the memory of Gryffindor. Pink sizzled the last of caring, and the green singed into black ashes, and her memory of his green eyes to never be in her mind’s eye again.

In A Darken'd Street
Fandom: Harry Potter
Title: In A Darken'd Street
Characters: Morfin Gaunt, Unsuspecting Muggle
Rating: PG-13-ish.
Summary: In the town of Little Hangleton, there's nothing to be afraid of, even at the darkest hour. At least, that's what the Muggles think.

In A Darken'd Street

Rec?: Jenna strikes again. She has a gift with taking characters with little to no personality and creating something so realistic that you forget it's not canon. Morfin is an awful beast, and it's clearly shown here. In a world that seems to be as clear as glass, Morfin is filthy, fractured mentally, succumbing to something much more primal than we like to think about. He doesn't have to be truly evil, or twisted, to scare you, and that's exactly how he's shown. Something more or less than human, depending on how you take the story. Short, but then again, so is the extent of Morfin's humanity. He doesn't have to kill you to get a thrill.

Quote: That’s all a man had to worry about on a night like this – putting one foot in front of the other. The hissing voice that follows him as he makes his way home is barely audible; he never even notices it; there isn’t a thing to be frightened of.


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