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Complete and total ego-massaging: fanfiction self-love

1. My dad got his cds of Hitchhiker's Guide in the mail today. He had to re-order from the UK cos one of the discs were missing last time. No television for the next few days while we re-listen to it. It's the original BBC radio show. We both went spare trying to find copies of the original; everything I found was remakes, and it drives me up the wall.

2. Going to go abuse my bn gift cards on-line soon. Go me!

3. Working on my next two tattoo ideas. Both are text for my ribcage, on my back, on either side of my spine. This is going to hurt like hell.

4. *ahem*

I've seen a lot of fanfiction related queries around the newsletters and floating on journals. Which is cool, of course, asking questions about how we writers write and choose and what readers like. And we've seen the love meme's. So now, I'm calling for a total self-ego fest.

I want you to comment & tell me what stories you've written that you're proudest of. Three or four, if you have that many, of the stories that you re-read, that you think are absolutely brilliant, clever, and hilarious. Maybe the ones you re-read and they still give you shivers, even though you're the author and you know every single word and can recite it by heart. I want to know why you're so proud of it, your favourite lines of it, what it means to you and why it's just all-around great. Bring on the ego-massaging and self-love, I want to see it all. I think we all deserve it.

And if you see an author or a story that you think is great in the comments, tell them! Let them know how much you like their story. Tell them if it changed your life, made you cry, made you think differently or if it was just really funny and made a blah day better. Artists and icon makers, you can comment too. Leave a comment and pimp it out and see who leaves what. The entry is unlocked so everyone can comment.

The link to this entry is:
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