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From Latin to French; Latin, miraculum, french, mirari to wonder.


miracle (plural miracles)

1. a wonderful event occurring in the physical world which has no explanation and is therefore given supernatural meaning
* Many religious beliefs are based on miracles.
2. a quality that is wonderful, or surpasses the expectations of the physical world.
* Superman, the comic book character, was a miracle worker.

-From Wiktionary

So tell me about your miracles, the little things that blew by everyone else, or the big things that changed your life. Tell me about the little magical things you've seen in day to day life that made you smile, made you laugh, made you wonder about how things work. Or tell me about the things that stopped you dead in your tracks. Something you heard, even if you were the only one who heard it or got it, something from the corner of your eye.

Post is public. Anonymous screening is off. I really want to see what people have to say.

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