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Jacked from Red

1. You're the opposite sex. Besides the obvious playing with the new parts, what would you do?
Go over to my brother's house and play video games. Why break the cycle?

2. You're someone famous. Who and why?
JK Rowling. She has a nice bank account.

3. You're the King (Queen) of the World (no, you're not James Cameron). What edict would you pass?
Ice cream shall be served at every meal, you don't have to join the military unless you want to, every other Friday is Candyland night (it's impossible to be cranky when you're playing that game,) and once a month we'll have Defemation Day, where we gather the asshole rulers of the world and jam kumquats up their rear.

4. You're no longer in Kansas (or this world) anymore. Where are you?

5. You have a clone standing next to you and it's going to work/school for you while you get to play hooky. What are you going to do today?
Sleep. Get up. Go back to sleep. Have a smoke. Get on the computer. Write. Be stupid. Take a nap. Rinse, lather, and repeat.

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