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The entire 'Harry Potter and Bleach' collide chat contained therein. Warning: There be crackiness. You have been warned.

[00:14] AC: Oh yeah, and on the subject of my brain doing random crossovers, if the cast of Bleach were at Hogworts, where do you think they'd all be?
[00:14] AC: Like... Gin practically *is* a snake, so...
[00:15] Seren: Yuh
[00:15] Seren: Ichigo is classic Gryffindor.
[00:15] AC: Yeah.
[00:15] Seren: Ishida and Orihime are more Ravenclaw, although both could go either way.
[00:15] Seren: Chad could be Hufflepuff or Gryffindor.
[00:15] Seren: Rukia is Gryffindor to the frigging bone.
[00:15] AC: XD
[00:16] Seren: Tatsuki is Gryffindor.
[00:16] Seren: Keigo is Hufflepuff, but with a strong undercurrent of Gryffindor.
[00:16] Seren: Matsumoto... Gryffindor. Histuguya, Ravenclaw. Shunsui... hard to say.
[00:16] AC: *laughs*
[00:16] Seren: Not a Huffie, they work hard.
[00:16] Seren: Ukitake is a Hufflepuff.
[00:17] Seren: Soifon is a very pissed off Hufflepuff.
[00:17] Seren: Kira is a Huffie or Ravenclaw.
[00:17] Seren: Unohana is a Ravenclaw, as is Isane.
[00:17] AC: I think that deep down, Shunsui's probably Gryffindor. He has the really strong sense of loyalty and dedication to others, and personal sense of justice...
[00:17] Seren: Aizen is a Gryffindor, because the best way to bite someone is for them to not suspect you.
[00:17] AC: *chuckles*
[00:18] Seren: Hinamori is a Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff.
[00:18] Seren: Byakuya's a Slytherin bitch, Renji is a Gryffindor.
[00:18] Seren: Komamura is.. a Hufflepuff with Gryffindor tendencies.
[00:18] AC: *laughs* You think Byakuya would be in Slytherin?
[00:18] Seren: Yeah.
[00:18] Seren: Well, actually.
[00:18] Seren: It's hard to say. I h ave no idea is Byakuya is actually ambitous.
[00:19] Seren: He strikes me as the hardworking, business type, which makes me go to Slytherin.
[00:19] AC: *nods* Probably more just pride?
[00:19] Seren: I don't think he's particularly brave, either. He doesn't seem scared of much, and you have to know fear to be brave.
[00:19] AC: Mm.
[00:19] Seren: Iba's a... I dunno. Gryff or Huff.
[00:19] Seren: Nanap = 100% Ravenclaw, accept no substituions.
[00:20] Seren: *Nanao
[00:20] AC: Hahaha.
[00:20] Seren: Tousen is a Hufflepuff, Shuuhei could go in pretty much any of them.
[00:20] Seren: Kenpachi is the insane school janitor
[00:20] AC: XD
[00:20] Seren: Yachiru is a Gryffindor
[00:20] AC: Kenpachi could teach Care of Magical Creatures?
[00:20] Seren: Mayuri is a Ravenclaw (he lacks ambition)
[00:20] Seren: Kenpachi = Hagrid?
[00:21] Seren: 'Okay, kids, gather round, and watch as I RIP THE FUCKING LIMBS OFF OF THIS DRAGON!!'
[00:21] AC: *cracks up*
[00:21] Seren: Nemu, I dunno. She can be a house-elf or something.
[00:21] AC: She'd go wherever Mayuri told her to. >_>
[00:22] Seren: Yuh/
[00:22] Seren: Kaien's a Gryffindor... so is Ganjyu...
[00:22] Seren: Hana is a Hufflepuff with a Ravenclaw's study habits.
[00:22] Seren: Yama-ji is the senile minster for magic
[00:22] AC: *snickers*
[00:23] Seren: And Yumichika and Ikkaku are the Hogwarts dropouts who smoke nettles in the bathrooms and try to pick up unsuspecting Hufflepuff girls.
[00:23] AC: *snorts*
[00:23] Seren: Isshin would be the totally demented Flying instructor, too.
[00:24] Seren: 'Okay, kids, get on your brooms and TRY TO OUTRUN THE DRAGON!'
[00:24] AC: Ahaha.
[00:24] Seren: Which actually has no interest in them, because Kenpachi ripped off one wing, and it's just looking to get away.
[00:24] AC: XD
[00:24] Seren: Kon would be the pervy ghost that hides in the woman's loo...
[00:24] Seren: Hmmm...
[00:24] AC: *snorts*
[00:24] AC: Urahara?
[00:25] Seren: Urahara would be the shady tavern owner who's rumoured to slip firewhiskey in your butterbear for an extra sickle.
[00:25] AC: XD
[00:25] Seren: Yoruichi would be the world-famous Quidditch player.
[00:25] AC: What about Don Kanonji?
[00:26] Seren: Lead Singer of SMELLS LIKE BAD SPIRITS, a popular rock band.
[00:26] AC: Hahahaha.
[00:27] Seren: Hmm.
[00:27] Seren: Is there anyone left?
[00:27] Seren: Well, there's people from past the SS arc, we won't go there now, though.
[00:27] AC: *thinks*
[00:27] AC: Yeah.
[00:28] AC: Well, there's Kuukaku, I suppose, and Ururu and Jinta, etc...
[00:28] Seren: Kuukaku would be the person Fred and George buys their shit from.
[00:28] Seren: Ururu and Jinta... Ravenclaw and Gryffindor, I suspect.
[00:28] AC: Hehe.
[00:29] AC: Though even more chaotic- if the older shinigami were all teachers... >_>
[00:29] AC: ...Aizen could be the Defense Against the Dark Arts instructor.
[00:30] Seren: Too obvious.
[00:30] Seren: He should have a weenie job
[00:31] AC: Hehe.
[00:31] Seren: Like 'Oh, I teach remedial herbology' or some shit.
[00:31] AC: *laughs*
[00:31] AC: Well, I was more thinking of how the DADA instructors seem to end up being injured or killed or whatever...
[00:32] Seren: True.
[00:33] AC: And he could be acting the whole extremely anti-dark arts thing, he's just a good guy trying to make sure that people learn the right things...
[00:33] AC: *wonders idly what Shunsui would teach*
[00:34] Seren: How to pickup chicks, I expect.
[00:34] AC: XD
[00:34] AC: Right, but officially....
[00:35] Seren: Dude
[00:35] Seren: Hm.
[00:35] Seren: Something not a lot of people take.
[00:35] Seren: But those who would take it would be very interested in it.
[00:35] Seren: So something not offered to anyone below third year.
[00:35] AC: Haha.
[00:36] AC: Or something that he can just put a lesson on the board and then go nap for the rest the hour...
[00:36] Seren: lol
[00:36] Seren: Ancient Runes, probably.
[00:36] AC: Hehe.
[00:37] AC: Unohana would be in charge of the infirmary, I suppose...
[00:37] Seren: Yuh.
[00:37] Seren: Isane could do charms.
[00:38] Seren: She seems to be very proficent in kido, which I would put close to that sort of magic.
[00:38] AC: *nods*
[00:38] AC: Mayuri.... something like potions?
[00:38] Seren: Def.
[00:38] Seren: Which Urahara USED to teach
[00:39] Seren: Until he started teaching a small circle of preferred students more forbidden potions.
[00:39] AC: XD
[00:39] Seren: Ukitake teaches diviination.
[00:39] AC: Hee.
[00:39] Seren: Hmmm...
[00:39] AC: Yamamoto would be the headmaster?
[00:39] Seren: Naw
[00:40] Seren: Yama-ji's the old fucker who runs the gov't/
[00:40] AC: Ha.
[00:40] Seren: <-- not a Yama-ji fan
[00:40] Seren: Plus, Yama's not slick enough to be Dumbles.
[00:40] AC: ....*just got mental image of Ukitake doing divinations, then suddenly coughing up blood and everyone wanting to know what that meant*
[00:41] Seren: Dumbles is all 'Oh, I'm an old doddering man who can't do anything besides DEFEAT EVIL WIZARDS with my SCARY ASS BEARD.' Dumbles is too sneaky and tricks. Yama's all 'I'm old. I kick your ass.'
[00:41] Seren: ;p;
[00:41] AC: Hahaha.
[00:42] AC: What would Byakuya teach, or would he be too young?
[00:42] Seren: Byakuya would teach History of Magic.
[00:42] AC: ....*snickers*
[00:43] Seren: Ooo
[00:43] AC: *could totally see that*
[00:43] Seren: I take back the Arithmancy thing.
[00:43] Seren: Shunsui would teach astonomy.
[00:43] Seren: Who else would teach a course that let you lay on your back and stare at the sky?
[00:43] AC: .......XD
[00:44] Seren: Tousen would teach Transfiguration, on the grounds that I can't think of what else he could do.
[00:44] Seren: Nanao would teach Arithmancy, it's a very Nanao subject.
[00:44] AC: ...but how would he teach that when he can't even see what the students have done? >_>
[00:45] Seren: ....why would he be teaching at Hogwarts, anyways? >_>
[00:45] Seren: I dunno.
[00:45] AC: Yeah, but still.
[00:45] Seren: Cos it'd be funny.
[00:45] AC: What about Komammura?
[00:45] Seren: 'You turned the frog into a book instead of a pin?'
[00:45] Seren: 'OMFG, how does he know this stuff?!'
[00:45] AC: Hahaha.
[00:45] Seren: Mmm.
[00:45] AC: Komamura could do Herbology?
[00:46] Seren: I hope to god he doesn't have alelrgies.
[00:46] Seren: But yuh
[00:46] AC: Hehe.
[00:46] Seren: Aizen can do transfiguration...
[00:46] Seren: IT'd make sense.
[00:46] AC: *could somehow see Komamura being the type to have a neatly-kept garden*
[00:46] AC: Oh?
[00:46] Seren: Yuh.
[00:47] Seren: Complicated enough to be well-thought of if you're good at it, but not too xonspicous, either.
[00:47] AC: Mm.
[00:47] Seren: That would still leave DADA open.
[00:47] AC: Yeah...
[00:47] Seren: And Arithmancy.
[00:47] Seren: Kaien can be alive and teach DADA.
[00:47] AC: Wait, didn't you say Nanao for Arithmancy?
[00:47] Seren: I meant Ancient Runes
[00:48] Seren: My bad.
[00:48] AC: Ah.
[00:48] Seren: I have bo idea why I juxtapose those two so often...
[00:48] AC: Hehe.
[00:48] Seren: Ancient Runes... hmmm...
[00:48] AC: Wasn't there also a Muggle Studies course?
[00:48] Seren: Gin.
[00:48] Seren: Hah.
[00:49] Seren: Make Ichigo teach it.
[00:49] AC: *snorts*
[00:49] Seren: 'How to survive in the real world. Course one: How to open beverages properly.'
[00:49] Seren: Rukia: I object.
[00:49] AC: Hahahaha,
[00:49] Seren: Ichgo: STFU.
[00:49] Seren: Is Gin teaching anything?
[00:49] AC: I don't know.
[00:50] Seren: Eh
[00:50] Seren: Stick him with anicent runes
[00:50] AC: Hitsugaya doesn't have anything...
[00:50] Seren: It's a tricky subject for a tricky man
[00:50] Seren: haha
[00:50] AC: Don't you mean arithmancy?
[00:50] Seren: Hitsuguya is the child genius who's also head boy.
[00:50] AC: Hee.
[00:50] Seren: No, Nanao is arithmancy.
[00:50] AC: *blinks*
[00:50] Seren: Arithmancy is much more numbers based.
[00:50] Seren: I said ancient runes./
[00:50] Seren: I think.
[00:51] AC: Augh, I'm getting confused.
[00:51] Seren: That's what I meant, anyways.
[00:51] AC: Which DID you mean?
[00:51] AC: You keep switching between the two.
[00:51] Seren: -_-
[00:51] Seren: Gin for Ancient Runes.
[00:51] Seren: * posts snatch of convo in lj *
[00:51] AC: Hehe.
[00:53] AC: ....dude. my friends list scares me.
[00:56] Seren: ... this looks pretty cool, actually.
[00:56] AC: I know. That's the scary part.
[00:56] Seren: We should sign up. And drag Cella in.
[00:57] AC: Hahaha.
[00:57] AC: What should we sign up with, though? It's specifically non-canon versions...
[00:57] Seren: We can choose anyone.
[00:57] Seren: I'd probably stick with Matsumoto, only because she's simple and it's actually kind of hard to write her OOC, no matter what. Her emotions bounce around a lot.
[00:58] AC: Hehe.
[00:58] Seren: What we need to do is determine what are AU life would have been life before going on.
[00:58] Seren: Like, MAtsumoto the high school student or something.
[00:58] AC: *snickers*
[00:58] AC: Matsumoto the Hogwarts student? *ducks*
[00:58] Seren: LOL
[00:58] Seren: No, not quite that much.
[00:59] Seren: Like, she's just graduated, but not going to college yet because her best friend, Hitsuguya, is a year behind her and she doesn't want to go alone.
[00:59] Seren: bbiab smoke
[01:07] Seren: back
[01:07] Seren: Yuh
[01:07] Seren: I like that.
[01:08] Seren: Matsumoto can work at a bookstore or something. Totally OOC for her normal character.
[01:08] AC: Hehe.
[01:08] Seren: Nanao should come, too!
[01:08] AC: I thought of a character I could play, if I went for that AU RP thing...
[01:08] Seren: DO IIIITTT
[01:08] Seren: Come as Nanao, the exchange student or something!
[01:08] AC: *laughs*
[01:08] Seren: We can prank everyone!
[01:08] AC: I can't really think of a good AU for Nanao, though...
[01:08] Seren: An exchange student!
[01:08] Seren: It's not even that OOC?
[01:09] AC: The only AU character I can think of at the moment is an AU Kenshin I'd actually started a fic for but never got anywhere... >_>
[01:09] Seren: * brings out the huge kitten eyes *
[01:09] AC: -_-;;; Why do I always have to Nanao?
[01:10] Seren: Because Matusmoto needs someone to torment!
[01:10] Seren: * cheers *
[01:10] AC: Oi.
[01:10] Seren: I actually though of Luna first...
[01:11] Seren: Cos she's fun and I've gotten a lot of good responses from writing her in ff.
[01:11] Seren: <-- thinks AU is more interesting if the characters remain fairly in character
[01:11] AC: Hehe.
[01:12] AC: Well, knowing the person who started the comm, she's leaning more towards the crack AU sort of thing, but...
[01:12] AC: Like... Ed and Al are homunculus sort of AU, for example.
[01:13] Seren: Oh.
[01:13] Seren: Nevermind then.
[01:13] Seren: Thought it was the other sort of AU.
[01:13] AC: *shrugs* Did you even read through the comm description? >_>
[01:13] AC: Eh, anything AU will probably be accepted, as long as it's identifiably AU and not canon...
[01:14] AC: But from the description on the main page- This is a Crack RP. We don't want canon characters here, oh, no. We want the Harry Potters who are Slytherins, the Sephiroths who are kings, the Edward Elrics with wings. We want the fandom in all its variety. All we ask if you make sure there is something different between you and every other version of the character already here. A big enough different to make the crack that much more interesting. Go ahead, join. You know you want to.
[01:14] Seren: Eh.
[01:14] Seren: * will wait for one to come up, then *
[01:14] AC: Hm?
[01:14] Seren: * shrugs *
[01:14] AC: Not sure what you meant...
[01:14] Seren: Nothing important.
[01:15] AC: Heh.
[01:16] AC: And Kenpachi would totally be as bad as Hagrid about bringing in dangerous creatues, just for different reasons.... XD
[01:16] Seren: lol
[01:16] Seren: That would be interesting.
[01:16] Seren: An RP where characters of all fandoms go to Hogwarts.
[01:16] AC: *snickers* There's probably a decent chance one exists....
[01:18] Seren: Mmm.
[01:21] AC: And heh, I thought you weren't too keen on crossovers?
[01:21] Seren: RP crack is one thing.
[01:21] Seren: I modded for too long to have any love for them in fanfiction.
[01:22] Seren: 600 Harry Potter crossovers later, enough was enough. When Sailor Moon, Naruto, and Frodo start attending Hogwarts, I cross the line.
[01:22] AC: *snickers*
[01:28] Seren: * yawns *
[01:28] AC: Hm, though say, with the whole Bleach characters in Hogwarts idea, who do you think would head each of the houses?
[01:29] Seren: Urahara = Ravenclaw
[01:29] Seren: Gin = Slytheriin, probably, but I'm not sure
[01:29] Seren: Unohana, Hufflepuff
[01:29] AC: Hehe.
[01:30] Seren: Not sure who would do Gryffindor, but probably one of the youngest characters.
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