TO RETURN WHAT WAS GIVEN. (our_innocence) wrote,

Friday Five Stuff

1. How far back can you trace your family tree?
According to my dad, he can trace back some parts of our family to the Norman Conquest of England. I don't know about that, though. As for my mother's side, Koreans are pretty good about keeping track, but it's something like Korean transliterated in Chinese, so good luck with that.

2. What is the most interesting (or strange) thing you've heard about one of your relatives?
Apparently, someone turned down dinner with Richard Nixon because they couldn't find a baby-sitter. Other than that... we're peasant farmers and soldiers. Pretty banal shit.

3. How do you feel about legacy names like John Henry Smith IV or naming children after other relatives?
Well, there's a tradition with boys with a specific middle name that I intend to continue, so why not? I don't see the fuss.

4. Would you consider yourself and/or your family to be traditional?
My parents are to a degree (mother is a housewife, father works, they don't believe in divorce) but other than that, not really- unless you consider abstaining from pre-martial sex traditional. Am I? Not on your life.

5. What is one tradition you have passed on to your children and/or plan to pass on to them?
Um, martial arts and fine arts training (music or visual arts). Other than that, it depends on whether I end up with any grandaughters.

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